Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome to the Escobar Group Blog!

Hello Isagenix Family and welcome to the Escobar Blog. After years of sending out messages by email, we have now decided to build a blog. The reason is simple, the brand new people coming into Isagenix have no way of viewing our past messages. This blog feature allows us to archive all messages so that new people can go back and view all of the wonderful information that they might have missed. Also, we want your feedback. Blogging allows all followers to post comments about how they feel about the message they've read. It is very interactive. Sean's wife Crystal has been very active in blogging over the last year. She will be helping us make this very professional and informative. You can view her blog at

If you would like to bookmark the blog, simply go to the web address:
We also encourage you to subscribe to the blog itself, so that you will be notified whenever a new post is added.   We will be sending out an emails as before for a period of time to ensure that all of your have had an opportunity to subscribe to the blog.

We also hope to combine Basic training into this site if possible. Hopefully we will be able to add a page that will give you all of the basic training now found at

Heads up, next week we will be posting some Incredible news that is going to help all of you explode your Isagenix Businesses!    Get excited, Get Really Excited!  

Ok, that is it for now, just wanted to say "Welcome"and explain this new direction.   So excited to see many of your at celebration in just 1 month!
love ya

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