Thursday, July 29, 2010

Commitment, Conviction & Perseverance

There has always been a huge gap between what people say and what they do.  Talk is cheap.  Actions Create Results, Every Time!

When you’re gone, are you going to be known for what you said, or for what you did?  Words are easily forgotten but actions are remembered. What you DO speaks so loudly, no one can hardly hear what you say. Our actions do all the talking!

Can you really get anyone committed, when you’re not?

Imagine someone who loves the industry, loves this company and loves these products, they believe 100% that this vehicle can take them to a beautiful new place called, FREEDOM.  Imagine they are treating their business like a business?  What does it look like?  Try to imagine that you have just paid One Million Dollars for your Isagenix business. How would you treat it?

Do you think you would succeed at making it grow?  The fact is that although it may have cost you only $19 to join, that sign up fee and this business has the potential to yield huge dividends. It can do for you what it has done for so many and that is: wipe out your debt, fill up your savings account, pay off your home, allow you to travel the world, give you the means to be a powerful philanthropist and bless your life with Financial Freedom ... if you take it seriously and if you treat it like a business.

How can anyone in their heart ever believe they’re going to succeed in this business, when they never invite anyone to look at it, they never attend any of the opportunity meetings, trainings or events. 

People simply need to be given the information and you are simply the messenger. Once they receive the information, they can make an educated decision, just like you did, when you decided to join. Believe it or not, they will join for many of the same reasons you did. You simply share the information and ask, “Does This Make Sense?” “Would you like to see what this amazing technology can do for you?” 

Start to realize that there are more people looking for us, then vice versa.   If the world knew what we have, they would be lined up outside our doors 100's deep waiting to get their hands on it.

Here is the problem:  If you want success and lots of it ... you have got to grab hold of your life by the throat and say, “I’m going to SUCCEED, no matter what.” Instead, too many people say, I’m going to do it later.  And you know what happens ... they never DO IT.  Your success is directly correlated to your amount of conviction, passion and excitement for what your doing. 

Did you know the people you talk to, know in less than 2 seconds, how much you believe in what your doing. They know how committed you are to succeeding. You can’t fake it! And people want to be a part of something that involves conviction & purpose.  People want to help make a difference for others, people want to be led by great leaders. They want to be a part of winning teams. They envy people who believe and are committed! 

You can’t talk people into trying something, you don’t believe in!  Same reason, you can’t talk someone into seeing a movie, you’ve never seen or eating at a restaurant you’ve never tried.

If you don’t decide what is going to happen in your life, someone else will. You were born free, so why do so many of us live in bondage? Could it be that we’ve imprisoned ourselves, through our choices, actions and lack of action?

This is the formula for success in our business. It starts by joining our team and making 2 very important commitments: I am NOT going quit. I am going to do whatever it takes to succeed, even uncomfortable things.

1)  You Sign Up as an Associate
2)  You begin your 9-day Cleanse.
3)  You have a cleanse coach and a support team.
4)  You document your results, keep a journal, take before and after pictures.
5)  You start sharing your personal product experience with power and conviction with everyone.
6)  You take time to inform, educate and train yourself. You become an expert in this, your new field.
7)  You set a goal to become a Consultant, Star Consultant, Executive. You set a goal to quit your current job, payoff your debt, own your home or whatever appeals to you, it's your life.
8)  You show up for events, trainings, conference calls, etc. You reach out to your support line for support.
9)  You treat your business like a business.
10)  You LEAD by EXAMPLE, and others will want to follow.

QUESTION:  If you do this, will you succeed? 
ANSWER:  Absolutely, if you persist. Success always comes to those with COMMITMENT, CONVICTION and PERSEVERANCE.

If you’ve taken the time to read this, you are already miles ahead of the crowd. Keep it up!  Each day just try to be better than you were the day before.  Try to do a little more, try to talk to just one more person.  “What we persist in doing, becomes easier.”  And this is my favorite part of this quote ... “The task has not changed, only our ability to do it has increased.”

We love you! We want you to succeed! We know you can! We want to help make it happen for you!

We place tremendous value on our time. Time is currency, we try to spend it wisely. Just because we have not called you, does not mean that we’re not willing to help you succeed.  We’re just naturally giving our attention to those associates who are engaging us on calls and trainings, those that are the most hungry for help and support. Obviously, our time and attention has to go first to the Associates who are engaging us, we will never turn away those that engage us, nor will you with your team.   

Our motto is “If you give us an inch we’ll give you a yard.” 
Read again the Ten Steps to success above and decide to DO IT ... TODAY! 

Our first tidal wave we rode with our friends in Isagenix was a blast, this second wave is going to be even better.  We invite you to grab your board and come ride along with us.  It won't be easy, but the rewards are breath-taking!

Much Love from all of us,

Anthony Escobar ;-)
The Escobar Group

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  1. Anthony, I love this message and I am so thrilled that this Blog provides the means whereby this message can be read again and again be all of our Isagenix Family. What a message, "get out and DO!" Nothing happens until we "DO" The world is blessed most by people who DO and not by those that talk about DOING. I just love it Anthony and I love you.


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