Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let Me Know How That Works Out For Ya

“Let me know how that works out for ya”

It’s a fun little saying I learned early on from one of my mentors.  It’s basically a nice way of saying..... (Well first I better establish some basis for why such would be said)

You see someone jumping into a relationship that just screams “that person is not good for you!”   Everyone can see it, but them.  On the outside you kind of think to yourself, “what am I missing here?”  I know a girl like that right now.  She is with the wrong guy.  I know that sounds judgements and opinionated. I know.  If they end up together then I do hope I am wrong, I really do.   However all the signs point to this one being a bad fit.    I feel that if she ends up with this particular guy, the way he is now, she will pay a price for it for years and years to come, so will her entire family.    I am sure people have reached out to her with genuine concern.  The sad part is that this girl has so much going for her!   I wonder if she knows how talented and amazing she is?     Problem is we all know that you can’t say anything in these situations.  You can’t just Volenteer relationship advice can you.   It is not welcome if it is not invited.  In fact this is one Case where people get the most defensive of all!    Let me know how that works out for ya.   😢 

What about that person that comes to you with a “financial opportunity.”   You know that person. They are often times flat broke.  They go from deal to deal to deal don’t they?   They talk to you as if they are some kind of massive success and have loads of credibility.  Like they are some kind of authority on things financial.  Yet you look at their life’s body of work and they don’t have much to show for their expertise.  Where’s there results to back up their big talk?  Maybe they are always hurting for $ and in trouble.  Maybe they have burned a lot of bridges, cost other people a lot of money. A member of the NFL, aka No Friends Left.    Here they come calling. Another deal or investment opportunity to pitch you.  This one is the one!   Well you just Let me know how that works out for ya ok?   😂😂

Here’s one of my favorites from my line of work.  That person who has inquired about how and why your Nutritional Programs seem to be working so well for so many people.  Upon being educated about the science and application of the products that have transformed hundreds of thousands of lives, this person says “well it sounds good, but I am going to just stick with diet and exercise.”   In fact they will sometimes even say, “well I know what works for me.”  As if it has been working at all!  I wonder are they seeing what i am seeing?   What is that definition of insanity again!?    Even more perplexing is the person who, after realizing life transforming results on the products says, “ok this was great, I was just looking for a jump start, I will take it from here.”    “I will take it from here!!!”   😐  It never surprises me when I find these people have relinquished their significant results just a few months later.   Naturally, that’s how they got that way in the first place.    You say, “I know what to do,” or “I got it from here,” and I say “let me know how that works out for ya ok?” 😉

Same goes for people who refuse to acknowledge a higher power or God.  Interesting how so many of these people are unhappy and unfulfilled.   I know they would argue otherwise, and I am sure there are some exceptions. However I feel that by and large it is our faith that sustains us.  Especially during the hard times.   Knowing there is a grander plan.  Believing that our sojourn upon earth is merely a stepping stone in an eternal journey offers us all so much hope.   Do I believe that our earthly knowledge is taken with us into the next life, you are darn right I know it to be true!    Do I believe that our relationships here on this earth transcend death. That we were put in hand chosen families for specific reasons we cannot yet comprehend.   Absolutely I know it is so.  There is a grand divine plan, I am certain of it.     This gives meaning and purpose to my life.   Hope.   To those who say otherwise, please there’s no need for debate, just “let me know how that works out for ya and God bless.”  🙏🏻

Love ya friends!  

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