Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dr. Corey Cameron is leading the charge! 90 Day GamePlan Starts Monday!

"Good morning team

For those of you who did not make it to NYKO, my prayer for you is that you make it to the next one. As always, it was a phenomenal event. Our company is growing rapidly and we have an amazing new line of Amped products to offer our athletes and weekend warriors. We have also been gifted another crystal reset! This one is even more amazing. The reset began on January 11. We now have 60 days (instead of 30) to achieve the rank of manager, 120 days (instead of 90) to achieve the rank of director and 6 months to achieve the rank of executive. It's like a mulligan in golf! We all get to start over and earn those bonuses! 

AND our 90 day game plan is on again! It's actually never off! When we are truly engaged in our business, we are always on some kind of plan whether it's daily, weekly or in chunks like 90 days. The beauty of a company wide 90 day plan is we get to help each other stay focused. 

During this 90 days, let's remember the law of attraction - Whatever we consistently hold in our consciousness we will attract in our lives.  

As we work to grow our isagenix family, let us always remember our WHY and remember to understand the WHY of those we are attracting. 

I am so proud of our Isa family. We are a team of leaders and visionaries. We each have our own way of guiding and inspiring those we attract. As visionaries we provide direction. As leaders we have a vision for where we are going, who we are looking for and what we are looking for. We know that not everyone will be on the same page. As leaders, it is our job to find out what their vision is, what they want, their why. Do they want better health? Pay for products? Help with paying bills? Replacement of income? As leaders and visionaries, we help people find their own vision and guide them on the way to reach their dreams. As leaders we get to help our team by reminding them of their goals and dreams. We are encouragers and connectors and we can help by letting our team know that continued hard work leads to the great results they are looking for. Always remember, this is not about us, but about all the people whose lives are transforming because of this opportunity for transforming their health and wealth. 

Our company has designed a beautiful map to follow, our 90 day game plan. If you were not at NYKO, there is a copy you can download in the back office. 

Have a HUGE vision for the next 90 days, share your vision, engage with team members and let's explode this business in 2016! 

I'll see you all at the top! 

Yours in health,

Dr Corey"

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