Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Financial Opportunity for Health Professionals

I did this video because I know there are many Health Professionals who have Isagenix sitting right in their laps, but they are not fully utilizing all of the benefits that it can offer them.  Please share with all of your Health Professionals, the ones who are in and the ones that you want in.   Don't forget about tomorrow's conference Team Call, I will be presenting: 

"The Art of Promotion" 
Tomorrow Night, Wednesday, FEB 8th 
3:00 PM PACIFIC / 6:00PM EST 
CODE:  412964#

Health Professionals Watch this video: (I will host this video in the video section of the site www.theescobargroup.com)

If you would like the link to the "conflict of interest" clip with Dr. Messina: 

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