Thursday, November 10, 2011

Join the "Reign in the Holidays" Challenge


The Annual “Reign in the Holidays” Challenge!

“A moment on the lips; forever on the hips!” this idiom fits well on all people who have a history of gaining holiday/winter weight. It is true when the holidays come around, the size of our waist shoots up mainly because we give ourselves to overindulgence. The holiday season not only gives us a necessary break from monotonous daily life, but is also a time for re-bonding with friends and family. In addition, when we are overwhelmingly happy, who cares about the extra calories, which we collect in our body after indulging into massive amount of scrumptious meals? After all, the Holidays are a time for such overindulgence, right? You may enjoy the frenzy of the festive season but overindulgence may result into the extra weight gain, losing which can be tricky and may even spoil the whole excitement of the holidays for you. In order that you may enjoy the holidays to the fullest we invite you to join hundreds of us on our annual Holiday Group Cleansing Regimen.  Give yourself the greatest gift of all this Holiday season, give yourself the give of health, you are worth it!  

This is an 8 Week Program. 
It is comprised of 2 full 9 day cleanses.  The first of which falls right around Thanksgiving.  “Cleanse that Turkey!”  The 2nd follows Christmas/New Years, launching you right into those resolutions for 2012!   

What you will need: 
  • 2 Full 9 day Cleanses
  • Should you Choose to do 1 Shake per day on the Maintenance Days you will need 2 Cans of IsaLean Shake
  • Should you Choose to do 2 shakes per day on Maintenance Days you will need 4 Cans of IsaLean Shakes
  •  2 Extra Bottles of Cleanse For Life cleanse drink to accommodate “Daily Cleansing” on Maintenance Days

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