Friday, October 21, 2011

Isagenix Geometric Progression Chart

Want to get REALLY Excited about your Isagenix Business?  Ever had someone ask you "What is the income potential?"  "What happens if I bring in 100 people?"  Get REALLY Excited people because this Hypothetical Growth Chart is your answer.  Just imagine that this has you earning 49k/month after only 12 months and having earned 97k in your first year.  See what happens when you give this opportunity time to get rolling?    This is based on the "Power of 2" Concept.  Meaning, 2 people go out and find 2 more who find 2 more and so on.  This does not take into consideration the 8k plus that is available in Rank Advancement Bonuses.  Nor does it take into consideration that you could potentially find one person who leads you to 100's or 1000's of customers.  One powerful networker equals thousands of customers to you!  A networker is ANYONE who has a network of influence in place.  A Hairdresser is a networker.  A Massage Therapist is a Networker.  We know that not everyone is going to go out and get their 2 people, this is why this is a "Hypothetical" income chart.  Truth is, the opportunity is even better than this chart represents, because all you really need is a couple good people on one team and a couple on the other and BOOM, you'll have to run away trains on your hands and you will be loving life, I can promise you that!

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