Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Does Sitting in an Airport have to do with Success?

Did you hear Kimber King's ACES Team Call with Special Guest, Sean Escobar (who is our youngest Million Dollar Earner)?
If you didn’t get a chance to listen in, you can hear the rebroadcast below.
Sean shared his story from going to just dabbling with his business to finally having a shift one day that was so powerful that he dove head first into his business that day!

When you listen to this call you will hear Sean:
  • Share what one event/visual created this “shift” for him
  • How much of a commitment you must have to create success
  • What you must master to create success that is only 15-30 seconds
  • What is the common denominator to success in our company
And much more!
Sean was on a roll and everyone on the call LIVE was glued to the phone!  Towards the end of the call you will notice that we lost Sean.  Move forward 5 minutes to hear the very end.  
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(The First part of the call is Kimber Sharing updates with her team.  Please jump ahead to about the twelfth minute (12:00) into the call to start right away with the training)

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