Monday, August 2, 2010

"Chemical/Obesity Link" Evidence & Validation!

The 3 links that my father, Tony Escobar, sent me below provide amazing validation for the Chemical/Obesity Link.  I have had many people over the years, who have begged me to provide such information.   Some Health Professionals absolutely require such evidence and now more and more validation keeps popping up.   Now I can go back to these people and say, "see, told ya so!" j/k I'm still immature, bear with me. lol

I should however, acknowledge those Health Professionals who have joined us on our mission without having seen such overwhelming evidence.  They just "got it" based on their own research and results.

In fact, 8 years ago we saw very little information about cleansing for weight loss, anti-aging, and cell regeneration etc.. Now everywhere you turn, cleansing is being touted as the Fountain of Youth.

Love ya

Link between chemicals and obesity in young girls discovered:

Click Here

Study Links Everyday Chemicals to Obesity:

Click Here

Chemicals and the Obesity Epidemic - the Link:

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