Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Body Alive Website is Officially Live!

Introducing arguably the Best Isagenix Tool Ever Created!

We've Launched the Body Alive site!  Please follow these instructions to learn how to access the tutorial so you can get your own version of the site for free.  This site may be the tool you've been waiting for to explode your business!  It's simple, effective and duplicatable.  It's also free, a gift from us to you, to say "thank you" for all you do to further our collective mission in Isagenix.

#1:  Go to Website, if you are not there already.
This is our Blog and the way by which we send out communications to our team.  If you have not yet Subscribed to our new Email List make sure that you do so.  If you have not subscribed to this new list you will fail to receive information form us.  Click on “Subscribe via Email” on the right side of the home page. 

#2:  On the Home Page of our Blog Website,  look for the tab that reads “Body Alive Site” You’ll find it in a Black Table of Contents Area towards the Top of the Page.   This is a Tutorial that will teach you how to acquire your very own Body Alive Website and how to utilize it to build your Isagenix Business
Hint-Look for this and click on the Body Alive Site link:

#3  Click Play on the Audio File-Make sure your speakers are on.
Note that the PowerPoint on this Page coincides with the Audio Training, you will need to manually click through the power point, you will be prompted when you should advance pages.  

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