Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meet Tiff Dodge, IsaBody Finalist and Body Alive Team Member

Introducing IsaBody Challenge Finalist
& Body Alive Team Member Tiffany Dodge

We had the privilege of going out to a celebratory lunch with "Tiff" yesterday along with her trainer Aaron Ogden.   Little background here, Aaron is one of the most prominent trainers in Utah.  Tiff proudly proclaims him as "the #1 trainer in Utah!"  :)   We have known Aaron for many years, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years.   He is a personal friend of the family and trained my sister for some time.   I remember back when Aaron was first introduced to Isagenix, he was in our conference room and out of everyone there, he was the one with the most questions.  It was obvious that Aaron was not going to endorse something unless he was 100% sure that it was going to be safe and effective for his clients .  Thats what sets Aaron apart from the rest, he does not impulsively do things, off all the trainers we've ever met, he is the one that dedicates himself to getting educated and staying on top of the latest technologies that might benefit his friends.     Now that I think of it, I don't think Aaron got involved for quite some time for this very reason.  He stood back and watched for a couple years just to see if Isagenix was a legitimate company or if it was going to be just another fad thing.  Once he was convinced that it was worthwhile, then and only then did he begin to advocate that people utilize it to further their weight loss and fitness goals.

Tiff Dodge grew up a hard-nosed, determined athlete that thought she could do anything she wanted, no matter how hard it might be to achieve.  She was known and recognized for her strength physically and mentally.  Tiff earned 4 Varsity athletic letters, an athletic-scholarship to a prestigious college, Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Secondary Education, and a scholarship to Graduate School in Washington, DC.   She graduated with her Masters degree at the top of her class and felt like she was on top of the world with unlimited possibilities.   At that point in time something happened that caused Tiff to lose herself physically, mentally and emotionally.  She hit rock bottom and then some.  Although painful, this experience has given her the capacity to empathize with others who are going through similar challenges, she's grateful for that, she never had that perspective before.  Here's how she recounts getting involved in the IsaBody:

"Then fate stepped in again. Aaron began advertising the Isabody Challenge on Facebook. For reasons only God knows, I contemplated doing it, but I was scared to try to commit myself to the challenge. I thought about the mental angst my nine day disappointment caused. I couldn't imagine what six months was going to do to me if I failed? On the contrary, I didn't want to think about what the next six months could do to me if I didn't try. I still believed that cleansing was the first step to getting my life and body back, but I realized a nine or 30 day cleanse wasn't going to solve my problems. I needed a deep cleanse. A life altering cleanse. I knew the Isabody Challenge was the best avenue to do so. It was 
the challenge I needed to reinstate my sense of control and determination. I decided to do it. Not for the money, the cruise, or to get a six-pack. I did it to show I could be in control of my life--that I was stronger than my mind. 
The Isabody challenge gave me the tools and structure I needed to gain control of my body, and to do the things I love. By taking control of my body, I took back control of my mind and my life. When I look in the mirror at the body I've created, I am reminded of the challenges I overcame the past six months. The image gives me the courage to continue to transform my life."

Congratulations Tiff!  It is just the beginning of your adventure as you will find the most rewarding thing of all is to help others who have little hope.  We will all be rooting for you at Celebration to WIN IT ALL!!!!!!  Make sure you introduce yourself to Tiff either on facebook "Tiff Dodge Isabody" or in person at Celebration. 

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