Friday, August 31, 2012

Important message about the future of our Body Alive Sites

Hello Team,
We are pleased to announce a new direction for the Body Alive Sites.  We are grateful for the purpose they have served over the last 2 years.  Soon this is where you will go in order to connect with our Share it Forward Academy Business Training and to also show your potential business builder who your team is and what we have all collectively achieved.  For now, we will leave it the way it is as we know that some of you have placed this site on your brochures and business cards and such.   The only change for now is that we must disable the "ordering feature" of necessity.  Unfortunately there have been a few people who have mistakenly taken too long to process orders that have come in, which leaves people waiting for their product for quite some time, making us look bad.  We can't afford that kind of a first impression on new customers.

You can still use the site to promote Isagenix, just make sure that you skillfully follow up (within 48 hours) with the people whom you sent there, this is essential whether the site takes orders or not.   If you would like to use your corporate site then we encourage you to do so as we are now able to custom build the sites in our back office to meet our needs.   I like a much more simplified version.  You can see how I customized mine here:  Notice the videos that I strategically chose and the products that I chose to promote.  If people do sign up here, they are automatically entered into the tree, wherever you previously specified.   I also used my personal domain to forward there, making it even easier for people to remember,

We also encourage all of you to jump on the company's promotion of "You Plus Two, Them Plus Two," utilizing the 30 day system.  We can show people how to easily get $150 back in their pockets!  It's a no brainer as we are saving people money, helping them see the opportunity and most importantly building support around our cleansers!

We will always be a Product Result Driven Team, that is our motivation, helping people.  You can build a wildly successful business while remaining focused on the Mission of Enriching People's lives with good health.

We like the companies new simplified site  Again, focus on the 30 day system and most of the time you will want to start people on the 9 day cleanse within that 30 day system for the fast power packed results!.   If it is a couple doing it together we suggest that they get 1 30 day and add a "Fast Start Cleanse Pak with Snacks" (which is 2 bottles of cleanse and 1 snack)  That way both spouses can do a 9 day and still have a couple weeks of maintenance products each to boot!  Again, this is a no brainer.

We are grateful for the simplified message that Isagenix has been adopting.  This is a simple business to build.  Go to  Make out your list of people you know.  Contact them with your IsaBuddy once interest has been generated, teach them how they can save over 50% on a 30 day system.   You can always resort to a 9 day if needed, so naturally you want to be sensitive to the persons needs.  Still, can't think of anyone who wouldn't take a 30 day over a 9 day if they can get it for $10 less and still get about 3 weeks worth of additional products.  Then shoot for Crystal Executive.  Simple Simple Simple.  

We love you,
The Escobar Group

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