Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet a Rising Star Audrey Kirnon!

This From our new IsaFamily Member Audrey!  She's in our Facebook group so please do say hello.  You'll be hearing about Audrey more in the future, same goes for Misty Easler, and Eric Daniels.  I can guarantee you that!  

"Hi IsaFamily! You might have seen my post last week about my Dad last week and how well he's for my own awesome 90 day testimonial and results. I am ECSTATIC about the renewed energy and zest for life Isagenix has given me! I was in a terrible car accident two years ago that resulted in three surgeries within months on both my ankles and right shoulder. In addition to the surgeries, I still had torn cartilage in my hip, 6 herniated discs in my back and neck, loss of some vision and hearing, sciatica, cracked teeth, nerve damage and a bunch of other injuries. I was in constant discomfort and had difficulty sleeping practically every night. I then received 18 steroid injections in my spine to "help" ease the discomfort. Unfortunately, they only temporarily masked the symptoms, but contributed to a new dysfunction. Trauma + inactivity + steroids + lack of sleep = adrenal fatigue. Yep, within months I literally started swelling and gaining a LOT of weight. I packed on over 60lbs. and felt horrible ALL the time. Here's the real kicker...I was an fit, active personal trainer on my way to work when the car accident happened!! Going from being a fitness professional for over 13 years and an athlete most of my life to now existing inside a body I didn't recognize and seemed to have no control over, was short of psychological torture. I tried a myriad of holistic supplements, purchased pre-packaged foods, spent a lot of money and cried a lot of tears because nothing worked...until Isagenix. By the second week I noticed my back wasn't hurting as much and I could do simple tasks, like bend over and brush my teeth, without discomfort. I began to sleep better and noticed I had energy throughout the day and didn't need several cups of coffee to keep me awake. By the next month, I was working out again, feeling stronger, focused and hopeful that I not only will get my body "back", but it will be a new and improved version! I'm also pleased to report that I am now jogging after my foot surgeon told me I'd never run again. I could keep going about each and every amazing thing that is healing and recovering, but I will end here and truthfully state that Isagenix has literally changed my life! Thank you to my coach and new-found sister/friend Misty Easler for being with me every step of this journey. Thank you to Jo-Ann DiLorenzo and Susan Rothman for supporting me in tweaking the system for my needs. And a final thank you to Sean Anthony Escobar for your encouragement and love through the miles. I still have a significant amount to release to get to my goal weight, but like they say, "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm darn sure not where I used to be!" xoxo, Audrey Kirnon"

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