Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonight Call CORRECT PIN and Last Nights recording

Tonights Athlete/Trainer Call with Tony Escobar

Please note that we must press "#" following the pin.  Do NOT press "*" as that will put you on the moderator line and create some real problems.  

Here is the correct call-in information.  

Team Call : Thursday 29, 2011
Time is 1:00 P.M.  MST  our time here in Utah, that is 3 P.M. EST
Call in number 605-475-4850
Access Code: 488678#

If you missed last night's call where I expanded on the amazing Rank Advancement Bonuses here is the recording!  We HAVE GOT to go after these bonuses and teach our people to do the same,  There is an $8,000.00 carrot hanging out there in front of you!  

Playback #:
760 569 0119
PIN 412964#
(after it says reference number press # again)

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