Monday, September 26, 2011

Team Call this Wednesday! Sean Escobar and Lisa Possanza

Team Call:

Hosted by Lisa Possanza - 4 Star Golden Circle, Single Mother of 3, Nurse of 25 years.

Presenter - Sean Escobar - 6 Star Million Dollar Earner

We will cover: 

How simple is it to make big money in Isagenix?

How to strategically use your "Tree" to maximize your efforts.

Goals- What is your Reason for doing Isagenix as a business and a Daily Action Plan.  

Good Times at New Year Kickoff 2011
Message from the Amazing Lisa:  

"Good Morning,
Team Call With SEAN  ON  WEDNEDSAY NIGHT 9PM EST,  That's 6PM Pacific   

Call in #:  760 569 0111
pin: 412964#

You Tube Tony Robbins

We are a team !!!! We can't  reach our dreams alone !!!! We need each other!!!!!
As you know Steve has been in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and because of his team  His family  he managed to make 10 cycles this week and 9 the week before. What a blessing... (He will possibly be coming home this week)

Set you weekly goals 4:0 4:2 0:2  Inspire your teams to set these goals and help them reach their  dreams   In a blink of an Eye!!!!!!!!!
Oct..22ND (how close are you  ? if not is it a belief system) Is your reason for wanting more money to accomplishing your dreams not strong enough)  Why?
Mine is  My 3 kids...  My huge why !!!!!!  My bills   yup....... I have to find a way and just do it Because I know the money is there I just have to get out of my own way sometimes

Have a fabulous Day


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