Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thursday-Tony Escobar-Personal Trainers/Athletes Intro

See Below for Call Details, please invite all of your Personal Trainers and Athletes to join this informative call!  
Good Morning,
Tony our team is soooo excited to have you on our call this coming Thursday 29th of September.
Paul and I have quite a team that consists of Trainers,  Athletics and Professionals  who are so into taking their bodies to the next level with isagenix and exercise.
Because Paul and I feel you have so much knowledge  and are the expert in this field.
Would you be so kind as to share:
1. How the new and old Isa Pro can benefit everyone?
    Especially people who exercise and athletes .
2. How you recommend athletes use the new Cleanse for life powder.
    Daily versus deep cleanse.
3.  Touch lightly about the government passing a law for all nutritional supplements  having to be FDA
     Why Isagenix is not FDA approved.
4. What Pak or products do you teach your team to lead with???
    Do you lead with product or business.....
Tony I know this is a lot to put into  35 minutes, you are the expert use the time as you feel will best serve our team...
Team Call : Thursday 29, 2011
Time is 1:00 P.M.  MST  our time here in Utah, that is 3 P.M. EST
Call in number 605-475-4850
Access Code: 488678*
We have be having anywhere from 80 - 200 live on the call and usually another 100 who will listen to the recording.
Thanking You in Advance!
Love to you both!
Bobbi and Paul Mattson

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