Wednesday, September 29, 2010


If you truly want your business to explode and are willing to “Pay The Price of The Promise”, you must DO a whole lot of ACTION. This means talking to people and sharing your story.

We all know many unsuccessful geniuses and a just as many successful nincompoops! The difference is, the nincompoops are taking action. They don’t waste time over thinking everything. They have less fear of talking to people. They aren't talking about doing it, they're doing it. 
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  Thomas Edison

Too many people are waiting to learn how to do this business. Instead of simply doing the business.  It is so much better to SHOOT and then AIM, than to AIM and never SHOOT. At least by shooting your sure to hit ... something.  Compared to not shooting and being guaranteed to not ever hit ... anything. Especially, in this business, Do Nothing and Get Nothing. Isn’t doing anything, better than doing nothing? Guess What? ..... The more you shoot, the more you score!

So, here is the best thing you can possibly do. Go and talk to someone! “Share Your Story”. Nothing works better than doing just that. If you tell a nincompoop to do only that, they do and they succeed. Tell geniuses to do it and they convince themselves, it won't work, there’s got to be another way. They try everything other than talking to people and they never succeed.

Those who are experts in the “How To Do” this business, those whom are very successful, all have something in common ... They’re Doing The Business, all the time, “Talking to People”. They will tell you first hand that they have succeeded because they talked to enough people.

What value might be added to your life, if you were no longer afraid of talking to people?  Wow, can you imagine the number of friends and what you could accomplish! Ever heard, that which you persist in doing becomes easier? The task is still the same but your ability, in this case, YOUR COURAGE, to do it has simply increased.

I know from my own personal experience, this is true.  My ability, my willingness and my courage to do certain things has always increased, as I have persisted in doing them.

Anyone can succeed in this business.  It’s not a matter of “who you are”, “what you know”, or “where you came from” that determines your success.  This business does not discriminate, the invitation to come on board is open to all and you control how far it takes you.  

Where else can a stay at home mother of 5 with a high-school diploma earn more than a surgeon? She has no barrier of entry. No education required, no past experience.  She can get started for as little as 39 bucks. This opportunity is not "speculation", the business model is proven.  Your success is ensured if you talk to enough people.   

We now have over 50 people who have earned over 
One Million Dollars. 

Success in your business and in everything comes down to COMMITMENT. How committed are you to succeed?  Just look at your results. This is the surest way to measure your commitment. Look at what you DID this week, this month, this year.  What you've accomplished is by far the best way to measure your level of commitment, we call these RESULTS.  Based on RESULTS, ask yourself, Am I Commited?  

Here is The Pearl: You will receive anything / everything you are committed to. Look at your life, you were committed to getting what you now have. And, you’ve have it.  Your commitments are already shaping your future.  


NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, happens until someone hears your story (your product experience). You must at least extend people an invitation. Invite someone/anyone to try cleansing. If you don’t ever invite anyone, you won’t ever have anyone. Makes Sense!  Invite a few and a few show up.  Invite many, you get the point. 
Who Have You Invited?  Someone? ... Anyone?
In order to have what you ain’t got, you gotta DO what you ain’t been doing.  Anyone with a positive product experience and a commitment to sharing it with others can succeed in this business. 

What would happen if you stood on a busy street corner and asked every person you saw for a kiss on the cheek? Would you get slapped? kicked? laughed at? I think so. But, would anyone kiss you? 
The correct answer is ... Yes, if you asked enough people! 
Would more people kiss you, if you looked nice and improved your way of asking? Absolutely. Soon you would figure out, where to stand, how to ask, when to smile, what to wear. With enough practice, you would get very good at asking for kisses and you would get more of them.

The same is true in your business. You simply have to ask enough people and consistently improve HOW you ask. Successful people have become very good at How They Ask and coincidently their Always Asking.

We're here to help.  We know the surest & fastest way to succeed and we're not keeping it a secret.  Let us know your committed and we'll do all that we can to help you succeed!!!

Your Friend and Partner,
The Escobars

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