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Kendrick and Tatiana Montgomery - Newest Executives

We are KRAZY about this couple!  Kendrick and Tatiana Montgomery are Personal Fitness Trainers in South Florida.  They have 2 beautiful daughters who are the light of their lives.  They are family people all the way, their girls mean every thing to them.   I remember seeing them in San Jose California, we were there to work an Anti-Aging show with Dr. Aruta and Mari Lotito.  It was the first time Kendrick and Tatiana had been away from their daughters ever!  They looked like lost puppies!  Our hearts ached for them.  Recently Kendrick stayed home to watch the girls so that Tatiana could support their team at the Isagenix Convention in San Diego.  Tatiana couldn't believe that Kendrick was going to get those girls off their first days of school.  What a committed dynamic duo they are!  They see Isagenix as a vehicle where they cannot only help others, but also provide the highest quality of life for their family and the future of their girls.  To say that they have been extremely passionate and consistent would be an understatement.  These two get it, they know that Rome was not build in a day and that anything worthwhile takes time and patience to build.  They never stop sharing and caring.  "Go out and help the world be a better place.  Just start by saying hello and smiling at everybody today!! You'll see how good that feels!" -Tatiana

With Sponsors Mike and Mari
When we met this couple 3 years ago we never could have imagined what they would go on to do in Isagenix.  Dr. Michael Aruta and Mari Lotito introduced them to us at a presentation in a little church in Ft. Lauderdale.  As personal trainers, they both already appeared to be the epitome of health.  The story of how they were introduced to Isagenix is really an incredible lesson in persistence and patience.  Tatiana says that Michael Aruta called and called and called again.   Each time, she would put him off because she wasn't really interested at the time.  Finally one day Tatiana found herself in an incredibly peaceful/receptive mood and she was out walking her dog and enjoying the beautiful weather in South Florida.  Her phone rings. and guess who it was?  Dr. Michael Aruta following up once more.  However this time Tatiana was willing to listen, the rest is history as they say.  

What a lesson it is.  Did you know? 

  • Only 4% of Sales Reps will follow up with potential customers 4 times or more?  That 4% of the sales force is responsible for 80% of all sales.  
  • It takes an average of 7 positive exposures to a network marketing/direct selling product before someone makes a buying decision.

A little more about the Montgomerys:

  • Kendrick used to be the General Manager of a large restaurant.  
  • Tatiana is also a Master Chef.  
  • Tatiana's interests: Science, New Biology, Health Nutrition, Fitness, Restaurants, Going to the Theatre.
  • Kendrick's interests: Formula 1, Health and Fitness, his family
  • Tatiana's Activities: Music, Dancing, Reading, Spinning, Exercising and Playing with my kids.
  • Kendrick's Activities: Stairmaster, Versa Climber, Fencing, Working out

Now that they have achieved the highest advancement rank in Isagenix what is next for these dynamic leaders?  


"I start my day today, as Executive in Isagenix! Now, I will help 10 of my friends reach the same level starting to day. Come and join us on this incredible ride of health and fitness!" Kendrick

You see, this is the perfect example of the servant leader.  This couple got to where they are by helping others and they also recognize that if they want to graduate to the next level of greatness all they have to do is help others acheive exactly what they have.   Is the secret to success landing the "Big Fish" that goes out and creates all your income for you?  No, the secret is and always will be helping as many people as possible make an extra $500-$1000 per month.   Help 10 people do that and watch where your personal income will be!

Taken from Tatiana's Facebook Bio:  
"I have a great life. I have a home based business so I can work at my own time and still have time to have a life and enjoy my family and dogs. I work with health and fitness, that has been my passion since I was a teenager and I live 10 min. from the beach!!"

Study says Do what you Love and you'll become wealthy!
There was a Study done with 1500 MBA Graduates.   They were asked, "will you pursue money, or will you go pursue your passion and dreams?"  1255 (83%) said it was all about the money.  Only 245 (17%) said they would go for their dreams.  20 years later 101 of the 1500 became millionaires.  Only 1 of those belonged to the 1255 Money Group.  The other 100 came from the 245 who went after their dreams.  

Favorite Quotes:  "Health is a matter of choice, not a mystery of chance"
"Disease cannot thrive in a healthy body" by Kendrick Montgomery

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One of their recent posts:
"Fresh Start

It's Monday Morning and it's a good day t have a fresh start to your health routine.
My breakfast is a phenomenal shake with 242 nutrient with unpasterized whey and IsaGreens that is 5 servings of organic vegetables with spirulina and pro-biotics. Believe it or not, I love the taste and stay full until lunch time.

Remember: Health is a matter of choice and not a mystery of chance!"

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  1. I could not be happier for any two people in the world. I mean, I just adore you guys and I hope you know that. I see how in love you are, how much respect you have for one another. I see how good you are to your kids, you are really role models to me. I hope the post in some way reflects my love for you.


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