Friday, September 3, 2010

“Buddy Cleansing” or “Group Cleansing” Invitation Script

Sherrie and Sherry!  
You know what, 8 years ago when I was introduced to Isagenix I cleansed alone.  I didn't have to, but I did.  Why?  I could have easily called or emailed a few friends or family members and invited them to join me.  I know for a fact that some of them would have been thrilled to join me.  So why did I not do it?  Because I was not asked to!!!!!!!    Consequently I have been ineffective in my ability to ask for that very thing from my new customers/cleansers.   Could it be the single most important thing we could do for that cleanser and for our business?  You tell me!  Below is a script that will teach you this skill set.  Please do let me know what you think, but more importantly share your results that you realize from this concept that on the surface appears so elementary.  Maybe that is why it has been overlooked?  

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“Buddy Cleansing” or “Group Cleansing” Invitation Script

Here is a fantastic Moto for our or team “No one Cleanses in Secret, No one Cleanses Alone!” 

Just think of how many people we have allowed to cleanse in secret.  
How many of us have not been trained to build support teams for cleansers?  
How many of us are doing an ineffective job of building support around cleansers?   
Here is a solution, a solution that will ensure optimal results for the cleanser and also provide a major boost for your business. 

Buddy/Group Cleansing Script:
(Utilize this script after the new customer has officially placed their order with you)

Do you think that support can play a pivotal role in your potential success on this system? 

You know I have coached ______ (dozens, hundreds, or thousands) of people through this over the last ________ (months, years) and what I’ve  found is that people who “go it alone” don’t have as good of a result as people who do it with a cleanse buddy or a cleanse group.   We’ve found that people who have support do get about 50-60% better results.   I think it is because it makes it a lot more fun and rewarding.  You’re less likely to cheat because you and your buddy can hold each other accountable ya know…..?  (let them answer)

(Share one of the following personal stories, whichever is true for you)

“I know when I cleansed for the first time, I went it alone and…….”

“I know when I cleansed I did have a cleanse buddy (or group) and ……”

I think that one cleanse buddy makes all the difference in the world.  Some people will even take it to another level and get their entire family to do it or a group of friends or even their co-workers.    Can you think of anyone that you could invite to cleanse with you so that you can benefit from maximum support? "

(At this point Be Quite, let them talk!  Don’t give them an out by saying something silly like “you don’t have to.”  Make it appear as though “this is what we do, and it works, I know from experience.  Be confident in this proposal and you will get a great result)

(Note: If you are on an IsaDerby team and this person enrolled with a 30 day cleanse with Authoship, this would be a good time to tell them about the friends and family promotion.  For 30 days this new customer can enroll all of their friends and family for free!)

(Note: Spouse Support-Should anyone be cleansing without their spouse or significant other?  We don’t think so, talk about a potential liability, “honey, I made plans for dinner.” Lol  Let the person know that they should really consider getting the spouse on board with them.  It will make all the difference in the world.  Remind them that they don’t have to pay another membership fee for the spouse.  If they bought a 30 day pack, let them know that by ordering the “Fast Start Cleanse Pack with snacks”  ($83 wholesale) they will have enough product for both spouses to do the 9 day up front and have 2 weeks worth of maintenance products left over. ) 

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