Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Will Be HUGE, are you going to benefit from it?

January. The month of opportunity! Here's a nugget for you, work harder than you have ever worked this January and watch that propel you through the rest of the year.   Here are some pointers for you around this. Contact all your friends and invite them to do a group cleanse with you.  If you go to my profile now you will see that I have done just that. I have done it in my own way, but that is besides the point. The point is that you have to put it out there!  Want to get even more of a result around this?  Call the people you know and invite them personally. No reason you can't schedule the group cleanse for later in the month of January and spend the first 3 weeks of the month calling all of your contacts.  Some of you have jumped on this already and built large cleanse groups.  Now the real work begins. Mining for referrals and incentivizing these new customers to bridge into the business.

Another tip, contact all past customers. This is something that works with Isagenix because even when people go off our products 9 times out of 10 they still love the product and acknowledge that it works!  So contact then and invite them to join you this new year and dig to find out why they went off the products?  Was it the cost?  Maybe they didn't fully realize that they could easily earn enough money to pay for their consumption and beyond. Don't be afraid to mention the money.  Truth be told, people are even more interested in the additional income then they are concerned about their health. Sad but true!!  We can give them both the health and the wealth though. So throw out many different hooks and lures and see what they bite on.

Historically the biggest paying months of the year are March and April. No wonder. That's the payoff from the new year. Remember everything pays off 3-4 weeks down the road in network marketing!  We invest in a leverage based business model and it works!!!!

I am ready to work harder than ever before this First quarter of 2014. Why?  Not because I need the immediate income. I believe in network marketing you want to strike while the iron is hot and Isagenix is On Fire right now and the New Year is the hottest time if the year to hit it. The perfect storm!  I know my efforts can pay me years and even decades into the future.  I only believe in investing in leveraged income sources.   We can all invest, not just the super wealthy.  

Are you with me friends?  Are you ready to talk more than you have ever talked in your life , so much that your jaw is sore at the end of the day?  Are you ready to rack up the biggest cell phone bill of your life!   Time to dig our heels in, put on the blinders and don't look up at that scoreboard until March.  We will win the prize, our success is ensured and the track is proven and true. Stick your vision board right on your tv screen, post your goals on your fridge, your mirror and your windshield. Everywhere you will see them. Get a daily or weekly commitment from your accountability partner, your isabuddy.  STOP chasing all the training and mentors, stop all of the tool creation.  Stop waiting for people to come to you. Get serious, contact people. Contact your chicken list, those you haven't dared to. Engage your upline weekly on calls for you. Talk talk talk to people, share share share your story!  The common denominator of success is how much you are sharing!  There is no substitute.   There you have it. These are my priceless pearls for the new year my friends. Now let's do this!!!!  Sean

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