Monday, April 30, 2012

Nicole Hudson-New 1 Star Golden Circle Executive!

Nicole Hudson hit One Star Golden Circle this last week!  She nearly hit 2 Star!  More importantly she hit Executive Status, setting the example to her team of how important it is to contribute to both teams.   Nicole earns an additional $500 bonus for her accomplishment.  

Nicole did this while I was essentially taking the week off, which clearly demonstrates WHO is responsible for her success, her and her alone!   I woke up this morning to the following email.  

"Hey Sean!
For obvious reasons (I had my best friend pass last week), I didn't want to celebrate with you on Saturday when I reached my goal, but I hope it's appropriate now...
So... I reached EXECUTIVE this weekend!!!!!!!  WOO!!  And not only that, but I made it to (1 Star) lol!!!  I just can't believe it.  I've been smiling for 2 days straight.  I've worked so hard for this, and to see my team growing and thriving is so fulfilling!  So glad I didn't give up when things were slow at first. ;)  I see this achievement not so much in terms of income, but in terms of lives impacted.  The cycles are simply a reflection of how many lives are changing- helping people get healthier, and make an extra income for their families.  And it's only the beginning!  Thank you so much for your help and support to help me realize this goal.  God truly does answer prayers. :)"

Nicole is one of those rare people who takes action on what she hears.   She doesn't just hope that her business will grow, she makes sure it does.  As her friend and business partners we want to acknowledge her for her success.  I wish you could have seen Crystal's reaction when I told her of your success this morning.  She was so very excited!  Being that she is a mom of 3 who also builds an Isagenix Business, she fully appreciates the magnitude of your accomplishment Nicole.  Congratulations to your entire family and a big thanks to your husband Jon for lending you to us, your IsaFamily this past year.  You've repeatedly shared how supportive he has been and without that, it is significantly harder to accomplish these things.    Please everyone, lets hear it for Nicole!  She is paving the way for her entire team.   The Escobar Group sends our love and appreciation.  

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