Thursday, March 29, 2012

Join and Promote our annual "Spring Cleansing" Group

(Recording of our last team call on Skype Home Parties:

Body Alive Spring Cleansing Group

It is that time of year everyone, time for our "Body Alive Spring Cleansing!" What a play on words. :) Let's set a date for 2 weeks from now for all of us to invite all of our friends and family's to Clean our Bodies out! ;) People are so motivated this time of year. I admonish each of you to invite everyone you know to join us, lets make this a huge success and have results showered down upon our wonderful group Body Alive Cleanse Support. Place invites on your facebook walls in addition to personally inviting friends.  Shooting for April 14th, that gives us time to invite everyone and get their product to them before we stat. Sound Good? Please no need to create a New Group to facilitate this. Lets leverage all of the support and wisdom that we've already been able to compile there on our existing group. Here is an example of an invitation:

"Hey Friends, it is that time of year when we all get the itch to clean our homes, our cars, our lives. What about our Bodies? Why not start from the inside out? Think of all the wear and tear we put our bodies through, when was the last time that you rested your system? When was the last time that you changed your own oil? To many of us internal cleansing is a foreign concept, well I can attest to the results from utilizing our system. (share your results at this point) We will be starting our 2012 Spring Cleansing on April 14th! That gives you just enough time to get your product ordered if you let me know right away. I'll add you to our amazing support group here on facebook, you won't believe the results these people are getting. Here is just one amazing story from the group that demonstrates how this goes way beyond just weight loss! As a first time customer I think she says it best "this cleansing processing is spilling over into the rest of my life. We are cleaning cupboards, getting rid of old junk, decluttering, less photo frames on display etc, rearranged my daughters closet and got rid of all the things she didn't like and were too small, gave tons of toys to younger children that she wasn't playing with anymore AND I've booked my car in for a transmission flush so it can be cleansed also. It's so funny." -Robyn Pearce (Fitness instructor who was pleasantly surprised to lose 5 lbs and 13 inches in 9 days!)"

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