Monday, August 22, 2011

The Isagenix Visa Card Story, Sherry and Bill Fox

Our Isagenix Visa Card Experience!

Almost five years ago, I was introduced to Isagenix through Dr. Corey Cameron, who incorporated this into her Nutritional and Holistic Chiropractic practice as an additional alternative to help her patients.  Working as the Office Manager and Wellness Coach for Cameron Chiropractic, I immediately saw the results that this product offered patients, and the positive aspects of weight loss.
I very reluctantly did a 9day program and when I saw the results for myself, I immediately called my sister who lived up north and told her that I could help her long distance!  At that time, I had no financial goals with Isagenix, but was more interested in getting healthier myself and sharing with anyone who asked.  I also wanted to encourage my husband to use Isagenix to lose some weight and help deal with the stress of his management position at the newspaper, however that change would not come until later due to his stubbornness.  It was not his time as he was not open to change then.
Follow Your Dream…..
For the first two years, I used Isagenix as a way to add extra dollars into our household budget and to pay for our product.   I was the Wellness Coach/Office Mangers during the day and at night spent time on the phone coaching people through the cleanse process.  It was during this time that I realized this is what I wanted to do, but I still wasn’t sure how to develop this into a full-time business.
Over the years, one of my dreams was for my husband and I to take a vacation to Alaska.  For a number of years I would bring it up, and each time my husband said he didn’t think we had enough extra money to afford this kind of vacation.  As this was my dream, I decided to use Isagenix as our way to pay for an Alaska trip.  I set myself a goal of saving an extra $10,000 through my Isagenix commissions, and when I reached that, I would surprise my husband announcing that we were going to Alaska….paid for by Isagenix.   I now had my focus….my WHY….my goal.  I set my goal for one year to save enough for our trip and surprise my husband.
Very quietly each week, my account began to grow.   Not sure if I could do this in one year because I also used the Isa Visa to pay for our family vacations and our every Friday ‘go out to dinner’ nights!  I focused on one person at a time, teaching them about this product and this company.  Well, at the end of that third year I had saved over $16,000 on my Isagenix Visa Card…..announcing (to my still skeptical husband) that I was booking our trip to Alaska …and still had over $6,000 to assist with our monthly budget.   So in October, 2010 I booked our trip for July 2011 to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Since then, I have now made Isagenix my fulltime, home-based business.  My husband has retired from his newspaper career and I am so happy to say he has joined me in sharing this with others.  He even joined me at 2011 Celebration!  We have both grown from worrying all the time about finances, to now knowing we will be financially secure for years to come.  Our goals now center around sharing this with others so that they too may find the freedom to enjoy life and all that God has given us.
Enclosed are some pix’s of trip.
With sincere gratefulness, 
Sherry and Bill Fox

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