Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Isagenix is making more of our dreams come true!


We recently purchased a third home, Thank You Isagenix! :)  Go ahead and say it, I hear it quite frequently and have become accustomed to it, "you little brat!"  This beautiful home is in Sunny Saint George Utah!  :)  Crystal wanted to have a place where we could escape the freezing cold Salt Lake Winters.  For some reason it seems the older you get the longer these winters last!  The 2 most recent winters were quite brutal!  We pretty much skipped spring.  Last year it snowed about a foot in the valley on May 24th!   Now acceptable.  So, thanks to Isagenix we do have the privilege of becoming snowbirds!  Crystal was pressing for a place in San Diego, whereas I wanted to find a place in Florida.  However our most recent flight with the 2 kids quickly brought us back to the reality that we had to be able to drive there.   As of November this year we will have 3 children, have you ever witnessed a family of 5 boarding an airplane?  lol  You feel my pain.  St. George is just about a 300 mile drive and yet it is significantly warmer.  It is also home to the red rock cliffs and archeology that you might associate with Arches National Park or Moab.  The hiking and biking is world class!  I've always loved that type of surroundings.  We'll be able to lengthen our summers by about 6 months if we chose to.  No matter how much we decide to use it, it is a sound investment as it is a buyers market all the way and we picked the place up at a steal.

We recently spent 3 weeks down there and had an absolute blast!  We are also actively building an Isagenix team in that market of course, for the fun of it!   I want to share with you some pictures of the place, not to show off of course!  lol  Yes it is a bit of showing off, but my intention is to inspire you as to what is possible with Isagenix!   It's been one of Crystal's dreams to have a "Sun Home" and Isagenix has delivered once again!  You too, can have your wildest dreams come true!  Can't Wait to see all of you committed business leaders at convention by the way!  I recently read that what sets leaders apart from all others is that they have the ability to see into the future.  Do you think John Anderson envisioned a billion dollar company helping millions of people reclaim their health and providing financial liberation to people like you and me?  You're darn right he saw it.  What do you see?  Love ya, Sean

Front view from the Street

Garage View

There is a beautiful Courtyard with fountain and outdoor fireplace

Added a fence to Keep Oliver out of the Pool!  

We had Hummingbirds hatch in the front courtyard!  

Entry Way

Dining and Greatroom

Pool with fountain, also has endless pool swim jets!

office for Isagenix!

Master Bath


Upstairs TV Room

Casita Living

Casita Master


Crysatl and Lily and Unborn Baby at the Pool  :)

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