"The System" Training

Audio Series: 
3 Step System to building your business with "The System"
It's as easy as rounding the bases in America's favorite pastime! 

Batter Up: Introduction

1st Base: Sharing and Caring
"Sharing is the Fuel that makes this Vehicle Isagenix Run!"
2nd Base: Follow Up
"The Fortune is in the Follow Up!"

3rd Base: Referrals
"The LifeBlood of any Isagenix Organization"

Home Run: Transitioning Customers into the Business
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 (Each of the audios above can be downloaded in MP3 format for your IPOD at www.isagenixpodcast.com)

The Right Time, Right Place, Right Team Call is a "Bridge" Tool you can use to formally commit your potential Business Builders to get involved with you in the business.  It's an incredible overview by Tony Escobar that will help them see the Big Picture.  Once they commit that they are interested in the business, then you direct them to this training and teach them the simplicity of the "You plus 2, Them plus 2 concept," and how they can easily earn an extra $500-$1000 in their first month.
Here's The Link To the Bridge Call: 
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Why people don't succeed in the beginning
Sean recorded this Audio for the Isagenix Millionaire Series 5 years ago at the age of 27.  Crystal and Sean had just hit Million Dollar Earner status.  The compete CD set was sold for $94.00.  It was a very large comprehensive educational series.    Click Here

Concerning Training
It's important to get trained, we are dealing with the information age, people are not going to buy into the hype like they once did.   If you want to truly make a difference in the world, then commit to learning the "why" behind this skills and psychology.  "Those that know "why" will often employ those who know "how."   Focus on the Mission of Enriching people's lives with good health and vitality.  "Focus on the Mission and the Commission will come."

Did you know that the average person in Isagenix would be Thrilled to generate just an extra $500-$1000 per month?   Sure everyone talks about making the "big bucks," but the truth is that for most people just $500-$1000 per month would completely transform their lives!  Did you know that the average bankruptcy in America could be prevented by an extra $300-$400 per month is all. 

The good news is that ANYONE can do just that.   I don't care what you look like, how old your are, your education, your sex or any other factor.  Anyone can earn the extra income in Isagenix that they so desperately need.  I'll repeat it again.  ANYONE can earn an extra $500-$1000 extra per month in Isagenix!  We've been doing this for quite some time now and we know from experience that Isagenix welcomes people from all walks of life and provides all an equal playing field.  There is no other industry that can take people at their lowest levels in their deepest despair, and offer them an such an avenue of possibility.  As my mother likes to say, "People are dreaming again with Isagenix." 

Can The Escobar Group teach you how to generate that extra $500-$1000 per month?  You bet we can, that is our job.   It is more simple to do so than you might think.  Network Marketing is a simple business really, it's overly analytical people who complicate it.    That's why there are a lot of really intelligent, well educated people who are flat broke.  They think themselves out of doing anything!  

Our training must always focus on the Novice, the newest business builder who wants to generate that extra income.  Why is our training focused there and not on the person who wants to earn the $50k per month you might ask?   Because based on experience, we know that anyone can earn the extra $500-$1000, we also know realize that only 3% of all distributors are going to take things and ramp them up to that six figure and beyond mark.   The reason that only 3% are going to make that kind of money is not because it is only only available to that percentage of people.    The reason is simple, only 3% are going to invest the kind of time, energy, passion, patience and persistence to actually bring that kind of result into their lives.    In fact, you really don't need to train anyone beyond basic fundementals.  If the initiative is there for them to take things beyond that, they surely will, and there is an abundance of resources to help them take things even further.   Even still I can attest that the very things that took my business to the 5k/month range are the very same skillsets and practices that took it to 50k/month and beyond.  Its just getting more people to do more of the same below you.   Now surely that is not rocket science is it?  

Again, making this a simple science, ask yourself, "what happens if I help 20 people in my organization make an extra $500-$1000 per month?"   Well in that case, you would have yourself a six figure earner right there  That's right, becoming a member of that 3% of top income earners may not be as unreachable as you once thought!  So don't think for a second that in order for you to reach your Isagenix goals and dreams, that you have to be a Professional Network Marketer who is a Master Presenter and seems to be have everything all figured out.  Don't think that for a second!  Many of us Top Earners will tell you that success is simply a matter of staying in the game long enough to find a few key people who then go our and replicate our efforts.  Remember the most simple way to get what you want in Isagenix is to help others get what they want.  If you want to pay your mortgage, help 10 people pay their car payments.  Want to pay off your house?   Help 10 people make their home payments!    Focus on making that $500-$1000 per month, and then simply teaching 10 others to do the same.  It really is That Simple!  
Solution to the 2 Biggest Challenges We Face

Challenge #1
"How Do I Share?" 
Presented by Sean Escobar, Isagenix Youngest Millionaire

Challenge #2 
"How do I Generate Referrals?"
Prestented by Sean Escobar, Isagenix Youngest Millionaire

Network Marketing 101 - The Fundementals: 

Why the Basics?  

In Football, you have to learn to pass, catch, block and tackle before you can learn to score a touchdown, make a stiff arm or spin move.  In Basketball you have to learn to pass, dribble and shoot before you can learn the crossover, alley oop or slam-dunk.   Without the fundamentals, we never come to a place of competency in any given thing.  Furthermore, once we have learned the fundamentals in Basketball or Football, can we ever cease to utilize them?  Can you score a touchdown without knowing how to block, pass and catch?  

So it is with Network Marketing and your Isagenix business.  It is the fundamentals that will bring you your initial success and it is the fundamentals that will actually build your business 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.  Their importance cannot be overstated.  

Fundamental #1- A one product focus 

Read almost any network marketing 101 book and this principal will be at the top of the list.  Why?  Because simplicity is the key to duplication and duplication is the key to massive growth/income.  

There are a couple of different approaches out there.  You have the Catalog Approach ("look here, we have a wide array of products for you to pick and choose from")

There’s the Favorites approach ("now I love these chocolates, so you'll need those, and I don't sign up anyone without them also getting this that and the other...")  

Don't forget the Front Loader approach ("now it is my recommendation that you start with such and such a pack so that you can get exposed to all of these wonderful products at once...." Grand total: $500+.  Logic for doing such?  They may never re-order again so lets soak them for as much as we can now on the front end.  I promise we do not need to do such with Isagenix!  I've never done such.    

Would you believe that for 9 years we have been teaching the simplicity of leading with a one-product focus?  That happens to be our 9 day cleanse for obvious reasons.  It brings about the fast, MEASURABLE results that lead to residual product usage and the sharing of referrals.  It is the most cost effective way to get started, and just ask yourself, "how did I start out?  What caught my interest?"   Now ask yourself, "how can we get away from the very thing that caught our interest initially."  That very thing that lit us on fire will do the same for others!   It absolutely continues to do so and always will!

Let me make a disclaimer at this point.  I am not saying the 30 day pack is not good for promotion.  There is only one reason and one reason only that I do not promote that pack on the front end and that is because I want spouses cleansing together, families cleansing together and for them to each purchase a 30 day pack on the front end becomes cost prohibitive.  

Now once people are sold on awesome results, you and I know that at that very moment Isagenix goes from being a perceived expense, to being a necessity for many.  That's when people start throwing more and more money our way.  They start trying all of the other products and so forth.  I have one lady who consistently orders about $600-$800 worth of product for her own consumption monthly.  Do you think she thinks Isagenix is expensive?  How did she start?  The 9 day hook.  :)  It is a hook if we effectively coach people and follow up.  

Fundamental #2- Unity and Simplicity of Message

Case and Point, I could ask 10 of my business leaders what marketing tools they are using in their promotional efforts and I might get 6 or 7 different responses.  Now you might say, well that is good because everyone has their "own way."  The problem with that is not on the surface.  Believe me, all 10 of us can be successful at marketing "our way."  The problem lies 3 to 4 generations below and beyond.  Massive confusion takes place when a person looks up to their upline support team and finds a multitude of marketing approaches and methodology.  Who is doing it right?  Who is most effective?  Who should I pattern myself after?   They do not know.  Confusion leads to only one thing, paralysis.   When someone doesn't know what they are supposed to do, they do nothing.   For this reason, we must keep things simple!

Our recommendation is quite simple, as a support line executive team we are actively using the customized corporate replicated website to promote the 9 day and 30 day cleansing systems.   It's simple and effective.  More importantly it is duplicatable.   You already have your own personalized version of this site for you to use in your promotional efforts. Just login to your Isagenix back office and click on "Resources" and then "Manage My Website."  Then customize your site so that it matches ours.  Here's what ours looks like: www.wannabelean.com
Once you have customized it, then share it with everyone that expresses interest.   

Here's an example of an email we send people when they have expressed interest, notice how we direct them to the site and coach them on what to do there: 

My name is Sean Escobar and I’ve been doing Isagenix for over 10 years if you can believe that!  Let me tell you something, for people that have tried everything out there, this is Magic.   It is not a Diet, it is Internal Cleansing with the side benefit of Healthy Weight Loss.  It is not a diuretic, or Colon Cleanse, nor is it a cleanse alone.  It is a complete Nutritional Cleansing System that addresses all functions, facets and systems of the body at a Cellular Level.   My mom was the first to try it 10 years ago.  She lost 14 lbs and 16 inches in just the 9 day program.  She had energy to spare.  My sister dropped 17 lbs and 22 inches in 9 days.  My Sister-in-Law lost 22 lbs in 9 days.  It didn't stop there.  I lost 15 lbs and 15 inches in 9 days, 30 lbs in 3 weeks..  My wife shed 25 lbs and 5 dress sizes in 6 weeks.   My sister Andrea dropped 95 lbs in just 5 months!  I’ve attached a picture.  It was mind blowing for all of us and that is how we become so sold on the concept and have been sharing it with others ever since.  Keep in mind that weight loss is just one benefit.  There are so many ancillary benefits from putting the body back in it's natural state through cleansing, it would take me much to long to write all of them, bet here are just a few that people may experience:  Energy, Mental Clarity, Healthier Skin, Healthier Hair, Stronger Nails, Relief from Pain, Motivation to get Physically Active, Better Sleep, etc.  

My sister Andrea
Please visit my website and watch the videos on the home page.  If you are interested in starting just click on "Get Started" and order one of my recommended packs there on the home page.  I do encourage people to do the 30 day system because there is more value there at just around $3.50/meal.  Plus it is more habit forming.  If you have questions, please just shoot me back an email or you can call me at 801-979-3726.   We really support our customers, this is not about making money from people, it's all about results.  My one sister released 100 lbs in just 5 months, I've attached her picture to this email.  :)   This stuff flat out works!  And there is a money back guarantee.  
If you are not ready to order then lets set a time to speak by phone and get any questions answered for you.  Either way I will be supporting you throughout the cleanse process.   The support is the most critical factor.  Thanks for your time and I look forward to getting to know you. 

Fundamental #3- Training

All training should focus on the Novice, that is the brand new business builder who is looking to generate an extra $500-$1000 per month.  Why?  Because if you get into the business of taking the training beyond the basics you just create more confusion and a never ending "we need more training" mentality.  People should only be taught the fundamentals of sharing their story, leveraging the marketing tools, how to engage their support line leaders to support them and how to follow up.  At that point they are ready to get out into the market and do what ACTUALLY builds a business, which is TALKING TO PEOPLE.  The concept that more and more and more training is what I need is quite simply an excuse that keeps us from doing what we know we ought to be doing which is contacting people about Isagenix.   

We expect that dynamic leaders who want to take their results beyond the 6 and 7 figure mark will proactively pursue those educational materials that will enable them to do so in their own time.  I myself, am constantly trying to learn how to take my results further.  I do not look to my upline support leaders or Isagenix to provide me with such.  There is a whole host of materials at my fingertips via the web.  Studying behavior types, the art of connecting, the art of listening, human psychology.   All of these things will obviously make me a more effective leader and positively impact my results.  Still, the very thing that build my business 7 years ago, is exactly what builds it today.  What is that?  The basics, you are learning them now!

How do we truly learn to build an Isagenix business?  It's a visceral learning process, like riding a bike.  We learn by repetition and emotional involvement.  Doing the same thing over and over and being emotionally involved in the process.  We cannot learn simply by listening to another.   Concerning this point, one of the most effective ways of all to learn is by placing our upline support leaders on phone calls for our benefit.  Just being a fly on the wall, hearing how they present themselves and the key points that they cover, that is invaluable experience.  Sometimes people flatter me by saying, "wow, and you kind of sound like your dad."  Well it's no surprise that is the case as I've stuck him on hundreds of conference calls and listened in intently to most of them.    We call it Experiential Learning.  Want to learn how to do the Isagenix business?  Just start doing it and you are going to quickly learn how.  "The work will teach you how!" 

Fundamental #4 - Use of Time

Time, our most valuable currency.  I want to express my gratitude to Nicole Hudson for bringing another important topic to mind recently, our time.  What should the majority of our time be spent doing?  Should it be spent studying, in personal development, coaching cleansers, talking to past customers, and developing new marketing tools?  Nope, none of the above, sorry!  Read any Network Marketing book and you will learn that 80% of our "Isagenix time" should be spent in promotion. Sharing.  Circulating, getting to know new people.  Making new connections with groups and so forth.  How can we expect our downline to do this if we are not doing it ourselves?     Just think of your Isagenix business as a fire, which you want to burn brightly.  How can it do so if we are not actively and consistently throwing logs on it? The more logs we toss on there, the brighter and longer it will burn.  

Following up with existing customers, coaching cleansers, getting educated through study.  Is any of this important?  You better believe it is, vitally so!  However none of it matters if we are not feeding the fire.   You have little customers to follow up with if you are not actively feeding the fire you see.  Even when your organization is monstrous and you are making substantial income, it still does not take long to follow up with your customers and coach cleansers.  In fact when you reach the pinnacle of success you will find that 80% of your time is still in promotion, for other people that is.  I spend most of my days, at least 80% of my time, doing 3 way introduction phone calls and trainings for my existing leadership.  There is no time better spent at this stage of my business growth!   I had to feed the fire for quite some time in order to get it to the point where other leaders would actively engage me in support of their businesses.  

Surprisingly, we still enroll a high amount of people personally.  Its just in our blood, we don't have to promote as much now as we once did, the income is residual, comes in like clockwork.  Still we cannot shut up about the benefits of these products and opportunity.  Look at what it has done for us, how dare we keep it a secret.    

Each of you will come to a place in your business when you have to make a very hard decision.  Do I give my time to the people who seem to NEED my time the most, or to the people who have earned my time because they DESERVE it based on their production and results?  If you want to be wildly successful, you have to delegate the majority of your time to those that DESERVE it.  It will be a difficult thing for many, especially people who have the Mother Teresa Syndrome, they instinctively want to help those that NEED it the most.  It was a hard thing for me personally, to tell a few of my favorite people, "I'm sorry, I only have so much time to devote to my business and I must give that time to the people who are actively bringing about results.  Those who are out promoting and have enrollments to show for it etc."  That is a hard conversation that I have had to have on many occasions.  Sometimes people respond as a Victim would, "my support line leader has no time for me, I have no support, so I quit."  Other times people respond as we would hope, "oh well I'm going to get busy then and demand your time in support of my business."   We wish the response was always the latter.  I can tell you that it is such a joy when such people do get busy doing what actually will build their business.  Of course we love everyone and we want this for everyone, but they must want it as badly for themselves as we do.  If they want it badly enough, they will do what it takes, they will respond to such constructive criticism in a positive way and grow from it.   They will learn that they cannot sit around waiting for their support line leader to pull their strings, that they must actively engage their support line leaders in support of everything they are bringing to the table.  That's right, it is up to the individual to engage their support line leaders in support of their organization, it is not the other way around.  That was a vital lesson I had to learn.  I contact my support line leaders and inform them of what is going on and where I need support.  I don't sit around and wait for them to call and say, "so what are you doing, how can I help?"  They are busy supporting "doers," so I must be a "doer" if I want the support. 

There comes a time when the results of others is what truly motivates you.  When you primary motivation is to pay the bills and feed the kids, it becomes hard to look outwardly the majority of the time.  Once you no longer need the money, it become quite natural to primarily concern yourself with the results of others, bringing about the same blessings to other people.   Look forward to those days, those are "where it's at!"  

Compensation Plan:
If you have not done so, visit www.isagenix.com (Main Corporate Site) and click on the compensation plan link.  You will find it in the "opportunity" drop down menu.  You will want to browse through everything available there.  Also, go to www.isamovie.com and watch the compensation plan video as the visual aspect is quite helpful.   Here is that direct link:  http://www.isagenix.com/us/en/compplanvideo.dhtml

All this material may seem overwhelming, remember Rome was not build in a day and neither is your IsaBiz!  Let me share with you the Fast Start Basics:


  • Join Isagenix and Enroll in AutoShip for 100BV every month.
  • Have a personal product experience.  Write down each day, how you feel while using the product.  Enroll on Autoship to ensure that your retain volume in your team.
  • Begin filling out the Memory Jogger  (found in the "library section" of your Body Alive back office)
  • Utilize the “Sharing Process”  Share your experience on the product and WHY your doing this business, with the people on the memory jogger (beginning with the A list). Invite them to watch the 5 videos on your Body Alive website. Follow up to see what people thought and utilize your support line leaders to help you enroll new customers.
  • Set a goal to become a consultant as quickly as possible.  Consultant Rank is achieved by sponsoring 1 person on your Left and 1 on your Right.   This qualifies you to receive bonuses on all group volume in your team.
  • Now it’s time to work toward the next achievement rank which is Executive.  This entitles you to an additional 10% Match on you personally enrolled people.   You achieve Executive by personally sponsor 5 people on your LEFT side and 5 people on your RIGHT side.  Work to commit each to a monthly autoship of 100 business volume (bv)
  • Make a list and title it "MY Core 10", decide who these people are going to be.  Explain to them that they will be part of your 10 person CORE group and that you are all going to work together towards Financial Freedom.  If one drops out, don’t worry, just work towards quickly finding a replacement for them.
  • Set a goal to assist all 10 people in your Core group to become consultants themselves by helping them share with the people they now.  Can you believe once you've done this you'll already have 30 people in your organization?  Once they have achieved consultant rank,  it’s time to motivate them towards reaching for the Executive position by helping them create 5 consultants on their right and left teams.     

Average earnings for all Executives and above Ranks is: $70,243  
See the Isagenix Audited Earnings Report: http://www.isagenix.com/us/en/associateearnings.dhtml

Once you ENGAGE and COMMIT to these 7 steps, you'll be amazed at how fast your business will grow how rewarding it truly is helping others succeed! 

Whether you are Spare-Time, Part-Time, or Full-Time, you must to take the business seriously in order to get serious results.  “First you learn, then you earn,” and not the other way around.   Take into consideration that you don't have to devote anywhere near the amount of time and energy that a doctor would in their profession, yet your income potential is even greater! In my mid 20's I was earning triple what the average Family Practice MD does.  No, I didn't have to go to 12-15 years of school for that, but I took it seriously and surrendered to the learning curve.  To this day I still don't think that I've graduated form Network Marketing School, there is still so much to learn.  It's just great to be getting so generously compensated like this while I'm still in school so to speak! 

If you set aside 30 minutes per day to getting educated, you will find yourself confident and competent in no time at all.   That’s really all that we ask of you as a Leader, 30 minutes of training per day and then you've got to get out at circulate, sharing with everyone that you can.

"Successful People Shoot First and Aim Second."

Remember that you can't say the wrong thing to the right person so let's get out there and start Sharing!

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